What Are Blackheads?


They’re a pain and annoying to remove, but what really are blackheads? They happen when a clog develops in an open hair follicle. The follicles contain a hair and a gland that produces oil and when the hair follicle opens and is exposed to air, it turns black thus coining the name blackhead. Dead skin cells and oils also collect in the opening, causing deep-rooted blackheads.

Blackheads generally collect on your face but are also present on your back, chest, neck, arms and shoulders. There’s a connection between blackheads and the body producing too much oil, as well as hormonal changes and dead skin cell build up.

So how can you prevent them? We recommend using a scrub once or twice a week to slog away dead skin cells such as the Deep Cleansing Face Scrub. If you find your t-zone area becomes oily throughout the day, use the No-Shine Papers to blot any excess oil for a matte finish. For those blackheads that are too stubborn, the Nose Pore Strips are great for grabbing onto deeply rooted blackheads and lifting them clean away from the skin.