Tips For Controlling Oily Skin


Having an oily t-zone might seem like the end of the world, but we promise it really isn’t! There’s a few simple tips and tricks you can try to help control excess oil and manage that post-lunch shiny forehead.

1. Blotting Papers
They’re a classic quick-fix to sorting out an oily complexion. Simply pat the paper onto any area which is looking extra shiny and the paper will absorb excess oil without disturbing your makeup. We love the Charcoal & Bamboo No-Shine Papers with charcoal and bamboo to remove any shine, plus it’s handbag friendly with 50 sheets!

2. Choose oil-free makeup
For people with oily skin types long wearing makeup is a problem. Oil based makeup can block pores, which then encourages further oil production and so on. Look for labels which say oil-free or mattifying to help control your oily skin.

3. Exfoliation is good for you!
Contrary to what you might believe, exfoliating your skin helps to control oil levels in your skin. Dead skin cells can sit on the surface of your skin and block pores, resulting in spots and blackheads. Once a week, exfoliate your skin to help control oil production and keep your skin looking bright and clear.

4. Remove all makeup each day
Makeup can block pores, causing an over production of oil and a shiny t-zone. Use a micellar water or cream cleanser to remove your makeup each day and ensure all traces are removed before bed.

5. Pick the right cleanser
Some cleansers can be too rich and creamy for oily skin, so opt for a cleanser that’s targeted for oil-prone skin. We recommend the Charcoal & Bamboo Ultra Purifying Facial Wash which helps to cleanse the skin and pores from dirt, makeup and oil, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

6. Always wear sun protection
The fear of greasiness from sun protection can put off oily skin types from wearing it, but it’s increasing your risk to sun damage. Instead try a gel-based or mattifying sun protection that’s oil-free and provides a good level of SPF.

7. Don’t forget to hydrate!
It’s a big myth that oily skin doesn’t need hydration, oil isn’t moisture. Opt for a lightweight gel moisturiser over a creamy and rich formula than hinders more than helps with oil production.