The Skincare Basics With T-Zone


Sometimes skincare can become over complicated and the best thing to do for your skin is to take it back to the basics. Here at T-Zone HQ we believe in using the best natural alternatives for a clear complexion, whilst celebrating your own skin. Onto our skincare basics:

– Cleansing
The pillar of any skincare routine should begin with cleansing. We recommend you cleanse your skin twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening to remove any dirt or oil build up. Our Ultra Purifying Facial Wash includes Activated Charcoal to absorb impurities and refreshing Grapefruit to leave skin feeling clean and invigorated. Pre-cleanse we advise you remove all makeup with a micellar water or our Black Cleansing Wipes, as makeup can block pores and suffocate your skin. Follow cleansing with a hydrating moisturiser!

– Exfoliating
Alongside cleansing, your skin needs you to use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent build up of oil and dirt from clogged pores. A good scrub will work to unclog pores and smooth skin without causing irritation or redness. Our Deep Cleansing Facial Scrub uses natural Bamboo particles instead of microbeads to exfoliate and Activated Charcoal to draw out impurities.

– A well-balance diet
Although there are no claims that eating chocolate and unhealthy foods causes blemishes and spots, we recommend a healthy and well-balanced diet with a few treats and plenty of water to help improve your complexion.

– Treating Spots
It may be tempting to pick at spots, but try your best to avoid doing this! Squeezing a pot causes the dirt and oil blocked in the pore to become more inflamed and infected, as well as possible scarring. Keep to a good cleansing routine to keep skin clean and the spot will disappear in it’s own time.