Your New Pamper Routine


We love a good pamper routine, especially when we’re treating our skin to some much needed TLC too! Here at T-Zone HQ we use natural active ingredients for effective skincare that delivers results. We’ve created your new pamper routine with our best-selling Charcoal & Bamboo range, currently available in Superdrug:

Step 1
– Remove all makeup, dirt and oil from your skin. Throughout the day oily skin types will produce more oil that can block pores and result in blackheads. We love the Black Cleansing Wipes as they take away all traces of makeup and oil, leaving clean and happy skin!

Step 2
– Cleanse your face. A makeup wipe can only remove the top layer of makeup, but those which are buried deep within your pores need a deeper clean from the Ultra Purifying Face Wash. Lather the face wash with warm water then massage in a circular motion all across your face and neck, avoiding the eyes in particular. Catch the the grapefruit scent which refreshes and revives your skin!

Step 3
– Try one of three of our treatments:
1. Nose Pore Strips. For particularly stubborn pores across your nose, our Nose Pore Strips grip onto them to lift them clean away and leave your nose blackhead-free and smooth. Simply wet your nose with water, apply the sticky smooth side down and press down firmly. Leave for 10 minutes until stiff then very gently remove, add water if it feels difficult!

2. Black Peel Off Mask. For overall oil and blackhead prone skin, the Black Peel Off Mask includes activated charcoal and bamboo to absorb excess oils and toxins and peel away dirt from clogged pores. Tip, steam your face with hot water before applying the mask to open pores then apply a medium layer to areas prone to impurities and leave for 30 minutes or until dry. Once dried, very gently peel away from the skin and cleanse your face of any leftover mask.

3. Self Heating Mask. Ideal for normal skin types, the Self Heating Mask helps to open pores and draw out impurities with the activated charcoal and bamboo ingredients. As the mask is water activated, simply wet your face then apply the mask using massage motions for about 1 minute and the mask should heat up. Add more water for a warmer effect. After 1 minute has passed, thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water to remove the mask.

What are your best pamper routine tips?