Face Mapping – What Do Your Spots Mean?


Discover what your spots actually mean and why they appear where they do, you could be surprised! Our skin can be unpredictable and predictable in its own way, you know if you’re hormones are at their peak that you’ll have a pattern of spots across your jawline or chin.

1. Forehead
You need to have a look at your digestive system and diet, as high amounts of fat can lead to breakouts across your forehead. Irregular sleep is also an indication of breakouts. We recommend you up your water intake too!

2. Nose
This area can become congested with blackheads, blocked pores and spots due to a poor diet and digestion too. Try using a Nose Pore Strip or Black Peel Off Mask to help extract dirt and oil from pores and purifying your skin.

3. Cheeks
Smoking and allergies can be a big factor when spots appear across your cheeks, this is due to the stress attached to the respiratory system. Avoid touching your face here too as bacteria from your fingers are easily transferred to your face too!

4. Mouth and chin
Hormone imbalance is the biggest cause of spots appearing around your chin, so we recommend a clarifying Face Wash and Face Scrub to remove dead skin cells and excess oil.