The Benefits Of Tea Tree


You can trace the history of tea tree back by many years and discover the amazing benefits it has for your skin. Native to Australia, tea tree began its commercial journey in the 1920s to be distributed as an antiseptic solution and previous to that, the local aborigines called it the “healing tree” to treat their own cuts and wounds. Noawadays it still retains its status as a great natural remedy, and is especially known for curing skin conditions:

1. It’s antibacterial
Which reduces the inflammation and redness from spots and blemishes, soothing and calming them.

2. It’s fact
Studies have proven that tea tree is more beneficial as a natural treatment in reducing the appearance of blemishes and spots. And causes much less damage to the skin than other harsh products.

3. Prevents sebum build-up
Due to its antifungal properties, tea tree also helps to prevent the build-up of sebum and excess oil which is a contributing factor blemishes and spots